We are born with our soul on fire, our hearts filled with love and a smile which lights the room.⁣

We live our authentic selves as little souls, carefree and magical, absorbing all the beauty around us.⁣

Then life happens and we grow into teenagers and adults with our inner-flame extinguished.⁣

We forget about the essence of life and live with our soul in darkness and our hearts in pain.⁣

We feel the flame inside others, yet our own remains invisible.⁣

What if you light your inner- flame once again, just as when you were a child?⁣

What if you start living from your soul instead of your ego?⁣

What if you understand that who you are as a magnificent human being is not correlated with your functions, title or status?⁣

All you have to do is close your eyes and visualise your burning flame lighting up your inner and outer world.⁣

We all have our flame. It is up to us to fuel the fire with passion, purpose, love, kindness, authenticity and grit🔥⁣

Remember at the core of humanity, there is a little child with a burning flame waiting to conquer life.


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