In memory for all the loved ones we have lost. Remember that they are with us always and forever ❤️ .

I miss you …⁣

I miss you and I imagine.⁣

What if I had wings like an eagle?⁣

Where would my imagination lead me?⁣

It would lead me to you, the one I hold close in my heart.⁣

It would lead me to the beautiful moments spent together in your life time.⁣

It would lead me to feel the love I have for you deep inside of me.⁣

It would lead me to fly high above in the skies in the hope of seeing you one more time. ⁣

It would lead me to tell you that I am sorry for not seeing you when you needed to be seen.⁣

It would lead me to you forgiving me and hold me close to your soul.⁣

It would lead to you reminding me that although you are not there with me in body, you are always with me in soul and spirit.⁣

All I have to do is imagine, spread my wings like an eagle and fly high above the skies and into the stars.⁣

As that’s where you reside 💫

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