Many people mistake those who have a preference for introversion and thinking in silence as not contributing or being social. Everyone processes information differently.

As an Introvert myself, some of my own observations which help me in navigating my career:

I don’t speak to impress, I speak when I am genuinely looking for an answer after I have allowed my mind to make sense of what was presented.

I don’t speak just to be seen or validated. I see and validate myself, thus when I speak my mind is not cluttered with futile thoughts.

I observe my mind as it develops innovative ideas and strategies before I move on to my whiteboard and onto the computer.

I create an exit strategy for my mind when it gets too crowded through the written word by simply using pen and paper.

I understand the difference between my intuition and my logic, thus I focus on leveraging both for optimal outcomes. Learn how you can use your mind to help you navigate your own career, by tapping into your true potential.


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