You love the other with all your energy.⁣

You love the other so you can feel complete.⁣

You love the other so you feel worthy and alive.⁣

You love the other by imagining in your head what could be instead of what is.⁣

You love the other so you can be relieved from your internal suffering.⁣

You love the other because you are conditioned to believe you are not good enough. ⁣

You love the other because your beliefs system is wired within a place of lack.⁣

How do you love yourself first so you can attract unconditional and healthy relationships ?⁣

Redirect your love towards its source as the love is already inside of you.⁣

Would you like to go out on a date? Take yourself out first.⁣

Would you like to spend a romantic evening with a partner? Spend it with yourself first.⁣

Would you like to make someone else happy? Make yourself happy first. ⁣

Are you upset because they broke your heart? Acknowledge that you are responsible for your feelings, not someone else.⁣

Do you stay with them out of fear of being alone? Choose better for yourself because you love yourself more than you love them.⁣

Do you believe you will never find the love of your life? Realise that you are the love of your life first.⁣

Believe you are loveable by loving yourself first.⁣

As if you don’t, how do you expect anyone to love you the way you deserve?⁣

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