Often we pride ourselves with outer beauty and material wealth.⁣

We fall in love with an appearance and an illusion we create in our mind.⁣

We suffer when we fail to turn the illusion into reality and we shift to blame and shame.⁣

That could not possibly be love could it?⁣

Love is when you look in someone’s eyes the first time and you are mesmerised by their soul.⁣

Love is when you feel alive in every cell of your body when you experience their presence with yours.⁣

Love is when you communicate through your eyes instead of your words.⁣

Love is when even if they are closed off to this connection, you love them still. Very deeply.⁣

Love is when you are apart and you can still feel the touch of their soul within your heart.⁣

Love is when all you want is for them to be happy, even if it is not with you.⁣

Love is being grateful for having experienced moments of pure joy and bliss with a beautiful human being, one of a kind. ⁣

Love is being at peace when you remember these moments as memories of the heart.⁣

That is the difference, my friends, between love and attachment.⁣

Seek to love from your soul instead of you ego


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