As a little baby boy, you are free from labels and conditions.

Until you grow into a boy and a young man, where you are taught the difference between soft and hard.

Where you are taught that being a man means wearing a mask where emotions are non-existent.

Where you are taught that vulnerability is something for the weak and which will bring you down in life.

Where you are taught that rejection is to be avoided at all cost once you have felt the shattering of your heart.

Where you are taught that raising your voice means power and authority and will get you places in life.

Where you are taught that treating others as inferior will give you a sense of entitlement and privilege.

Where you are taught that impulse control prevails in the heat of the moment until you realize there is no turning back.

Where you are taught that your reality is not good enough so you always escape into an elusive state of being.

You grow up in a world where your deepest desire is to belong and to connect.

You crave connections with other souls, yet you are unable to express your cravings in words.

You grow into an adult where your manhood defines your entire social being and connections.

You don’t know any better. At least, until adversity hits. Until you are depleted and alone.

All those years, your masculinity was defined by the external world instead of by your internal needs.

All those years, you lived in a reality where vulnerability was the enemy and authority was your friend.

Know this, dear soul, you are not defined by your labels and thoughts.

Know this, dear soul, taking off the mask will set you free to be yourself.

Know this, dear soul, it is never too late to rediscover your essence and core.

Know this, dear soul, your true self will bring you inner-peace in every cell of your body.





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