Celebrating without you ❤️⁣

This time a year you used to be the first one to send me a message.⁣

A message of love and affection.⁣

A message which made me feel more connected to you than the day before.⁣

You always remembered, every year for more than three decades.⁣

Until you were gone. ⁣

Until you left us without notice, just like that.⁣

The first year was hard, words cannot describe. ⁣

Every year is hard, and there are no words for the empty feelings that emerge when my mind wonders.

I wish you were here in person to hold my hand and tell me that all will be well.⁣

I wish you were here to tell me how proud you are of me.⁣

I wish you were here to tell me that the stars are waiting for my grasp as I reach out high in the skies.⁣

I wish you were here with me to just hold space.⁣

Tears flow down my cheek as I reminisce about your time on earth.⁣

As I dry my tears I remember to feel with my soul and let the ego melt away.⁣

As I dry my tears I remember that through my soul, you are always with me.⁣

Every step of my journey

Cherish your loved ones with your heart and soul as the ego will keep you far away from the ones you love the most

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