Love yourself like your life depends on it because it does.⁣

Loving yourself is hard when you were never taught how to love yourself.⁣

Loving yourself is hard when you grew up emotionally starved.⁣

Loving yourself is hard when you were abused at one point in your life leaving you with self esteem close to zero.⁣

Loving yourself is hard when you have been ghosted for no reason at all as you wonder what’s wrong with you. ⁣

That’s precisely why you need to love yourself.⁣

When you expect love to come in from the outside to fill your cup on the inside it will never last.⁣

When you expect someone to rescue you so you can be happy, your life will be filled with sadness, disappointments and illusions.⁣

When you expect someone else to love you when in reality you don’t even love yourself you will never experience unconditional love.⁣

Take the time and heal your wounds of your past.⁣

Take some time and rediscover yourself all over again.⁣

Take some time and redirect your energy inwards into the beautiful being you are inside.⁣

Take some to connect with your inner child, embrace and hug them and love them with compassion and admiration.⁣

Love yourself because you deserve unconditional love from within before you allow yourself to receive from the outside.


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