We act in response to our emotions not to our reality.⁣

We speak from a place of assumptions and bias not from a place of rationality and objectivity.⁣

We imagine the worst case scenario so we can control the outcome our way. At least that is what we think we are doing.⁣

We regret our words and actions once our emotions transition into our rational part of the brain.⁣⁣

We dwell on guilt and regret as we may have burned bridges with our colleagues, peers and managers.⁣

So, how can we manage our impulse control?⁣

Create a safe space for outlet where you are alone. Let it out so you can express yourself from a place of calmness.⁣

Sometimes low impulse control can be beneficial to get things moving. Leveraging your emotional intelligence will help you identify when and how.⁣

Practice visualising common scenarios where you are likely to have outbursts or act from an emotional space. Focus on using all of your senses so your mind perceives it as real. ⁣⁣

Next time around you will be better equipped to navigate your low levels of impulse control.⁣


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