Inspired by a beautiful young woman who has yet to realise her magnificence.

A beautiful young flower you are.⁣

You are just beginning to blossom as you are about to discover the world beyond your leafs.⁣

You may feel unworthy of the outside world.⁣

You may feel scared of tapping into your full power. ⁣

You may feel lost when you are surrounded with masks and superficial. ⁣

You may feel it is your job to feel other people’s pain until you are drained and still you continue.⁣

Beautiful flower know that you deserve to exist because of your birthright.⁣

Know that your are perfectly imperfect and that’s where your true potential lies. ⁣

Know that you have a light inside that wants to shine bright as a diamond.⁣

Go out in the world and shine your light. ⁣

Believe you can and you shall.⁣

Embrace the unknown and face your fears. ⁣

Breathe and act with confidence, magnificence and grace. ⁣

Beautiful flower embrace your divine being and you shall blossom into the goddesses of flowers 🌹


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