In an era where we are glued to social media feeds where others seem to be better off than us, feelings of envy are human and normal.⁣

These feelings become toxic when they are fuelled with negative thinking stemming from a place of scarcity within your own life.⁣

Then it becomes an unhealthy phenomenon which is called jealousy.⁣

Don’t allow jealousy to drain your and other people’s energy. ⁣

Feel the envy and recognise which emotions you need to express. Deal with it. ⁣

Then shift your energy inwards and let envy inspire you to set your own goals, to craft your own future and to walk your own path. ⁣

The more you shift in this positive energy the more kindness, opportunities and surprises will show up in your life.⁣

The world is at our fingertips if we choose to see and feel from a place of abundance instead of scarcity. ⁣


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