Happy birthday dear Father

Today is the start of a new decade, a new year. ⁣

It is also your birthday, a day you celebrated with us – your loved ones.

Six years ago you left us as we watched your last breath flow out of your body and into the heavens above.⁣

Our hearts stopped beating for a moment while yours stopped beating forever. ⁣

A reality difficult to grasp at that time and still today.⁣

That day changed our lives forever. ⁣

Lost, confused and hopeless as the foundation of our family disappeared just like that. ⁣

Every new year since has never been the same. ⁣

While others celebrate the start of a new beginning I cry with tears of my heart as I miss your presence.⁣

When others get to call their father to wish them a year full of happiness, joy and laughter – I feel pain deep into my core.⁣

When others get to embrace their father and share with him their achievements, failures and embarrassments – I feel lonely.⁣

Until I breath and focus on your soul so that I can feel your presence.⁣

Suddenly I no longer feel alone or lost as I can feel the subtle energies of your spirit surrounding mine.⁣

Suddenly I realise that just because you are no longer here in body you are still here in essence.⁣

Your legacy lives on through all the lives you have touched.⁣

Suddenly my tears turn into joy and peace as I finally understand the power of eternal love which never dies.⁣

Happy new year and happy birthday dear father.⁣

I love you deeply, always and forever ❤️


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