Most of us live and work while hiding behind a mask.⠀

A mask of illusive confidence fuelled with insecurities.⠀

A mask of high performance fuelled with negative thinking and self-doubt.⠀

A mask of arrogance which hides our desire for connections and belonging.⠀

A mask of overachieving so that we can feel valued and seen at work for our hidden talents.⠀

A mask of injustice as we continue to carry the world inside with a smile on the outside. ⠀

A mask which perpetuates scarcity and competition based beliefs as we hide behind our insecurities, anxiety and fears.⠀

Just imagine what it would feel like if your shift your emotions towards something better.⠀

Just imagine how you would feel if you choose to feel hope instead of yielding to your limiting beliefs.⠀

Just imagine if you would feel faith that all will work out as long as you live aligned with who you are at your core.⠀

Just imagine if you choose to feel love for yourself so you can receive love from the world.⠀

Just imagine how you would feel if you choose to separate people’s opinions from your self-worth.⠀

Just imagine if you choose to let go of your limiting beliefs which were imposed upon you by the outside world. ⠀

Instead, imagine how your life would feel like if you believe you can reach for the stars without the mask and in complete serenity.⠀

Just imagine and let go …⠀


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