As a little girl with a different skin colour, I felt excluded from the mainstream.

As a little girl with a mother who wears a headscarf and a father who prays five times a day, I felt judged every time I met the human ego.

As a little girl who was abused by a familiar face, I never felt my self worth until decades later in life.

As a young woman living on her own at the age of eighteen, nothing was handed to me on a golden plate.

As a young woman struggling to make ends meet, I believed abundance was never for someone like me.

As a young woman who was emotionally starved, I was desperate for love from the outside by people who were never available to me.

As a woman who went from secretary to senior executive, I suffered at the hands of pure evil, jealousy and hatred more than a human mind can imagine.

As a wife and mother, I sacrificed myself so I can fit in societal conditions and labels.

One day the great escape into my true self began as I broke free from an inflicted prison in the mind.

One day I decided it is time for my small ego to step down so that my great soul can rise and touch people’s hearts through the written word.

Today, I am no longer identifying with labels, expectations or needs.

Today, I simply am living my highest and truest expression through my soul.

Today, I embrace my purpose to be a teacher and healer for the sensitive souls around the globe and help them feel safe and secure within themselves first.

As only when we are grounded in our authentic power will we experience the highest and purest form of freedom.

A tribute to Maya Angelou, a woman whose soul lives beyond time and within our hearts.


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