This is a time to feed your spirit, love from your soul and put your ego to bed.⁣

⁣Chaos, panic and fear reign during these times of uncontrollable events.⁣

Feelings of frustration, anger, sadness and blame take the upper hand.⁣

Our primordial instinct of survival is on steroids as we empty the shops from toilet paper and soaps.⁣

Our monkey brains go wild as we seek to escape our harsh reality and our fear for the unknown.⁣

Our emotions are triggered as we feel feelings we never understood before.⁣

Our fears heightened as we fear for ourselves, our loved ones and our offspring.⁣

So much is outside of our control and our human reactions based on impulse is normal.⁣

But we do have the power to control our feelings and thoughts.⁣

We do have the power to choose feeling good despite of the conditions.⁣

The alternative of feeling negative is creating a vicious circle of darkness.⁣

Accept your reality and accept what is out of your control.⁣

Accept what is within your control and focus your energy on that.⁣

Energy goes where attention flows.⁣

Allow your energy to flow into your desired reality.⁣

A reality where we come out of this crisis stronger, wiser and more connected to one and another.⁣

A reality where we no longer take our safety and freedom for granted and appreciate every single moment our breath flowing in and out of us.⁣

A reality where we appreciate our fellow human beings and choose to feel more love and less hate.⁣

A reality where new systems and new models are built around the human and not around material wealth. ⁣

A reality where social connections is expressed online and offline and our energies are intertwined no matter the screens and distance.⁣

A reality where we no longer impose our ideal version of what should be on others.⁣

Instead, we allow people to live their highest and truest potential without their mask.⁣

Take this time of temporary isolation to reflect and imagine your desired reality.⁣

Shift your energy from fear to hope, from hate to love, from blame to acceptance, from anger to joy.⁣

Appreciate every moment as you now learn to live from your soul.


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