Good morning , I wanted to share a message of light.

Two weeks ago I woke up to news which seemed like a hoax and something I did not want to believe nor feel.

Two weeks ago I woke up to a world full of anxiety, preoccupations and fear mongering.

Two weeks seems like yesterday where everything seemed familiar and known.

Today we are faced with a new opportunity to reset our lives, our habits, our minds and our planet.

Today we can choose to feel light over darkness and know that everything always works out.

Today we can tap into our perspective and know that this too shall pass and better times are on the way.

Today we can choose to trust the universal intelligence who knows what its doing every step of the way.

Today we can choose to connect with who we really are at our core and ignite our flames which stopped burning.

Today we can choose to turn inwards and find the love we have been seeking on the outside.

Today we can choose to come together and connect through hope, faith and love and help each other feel safe and secure within themselves.

Two weeks ago is no longer a reality, now is.

This is a time for humanity to fulfill its purpose and start creating a new reality where light prevails over darkness.

Stay Safe, Stay Inspired and Shine your Light

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