During these times of heightened offline social responsibility, checking in with ourselves regularly and being compassionate is a necessity.

Highly Sensitive People, around 20% of global population, experience external stimuli at a whole different level.

Emotional boundaries and self love on steroids is now more important than ever!

Here is how I experience these times and what helps me live with peace of mind.

All my life I have experienced the world through my mind, my senses and my emotions.

A smile on the outside, turmoil on in the side.

I was surrounded by many, and still I felt alone and unseen.

A constant flow of anxiety and stress in every cell of my body kept me from living life in peace and serenity.

Especially during times of global turmoil, I felt everything at a much higher frequency than anyone I knew or whom I could relate too.

Until the day I decided I am worthy of a life full of love from my soul.

I stopped thinking that it is my job to save the world and focused on saving myself first.

I stopped thinking that I am responsible for how others feel or react.

I stopped thinking that I am a bad mother, a bad friend or a bad wife because I needed my space and time to recover & replenish from outside turmoil.

I stopped thinking that it was my job to please people and make them like me. I knew I was looking for love in all the wrong places.

I started telling nice and empowering stories to myself, first thing in the morning, throughout my day and last thing before sleep.

I started saying no with kindness and firmness as I took care for how I felt inside my soul.

I started seeing the good in people beyond with what meets the eye.

I started accepting and believing in my self worth as whole and complete by birthright.

I started to redirect the love to my myself so that I could love others from a place of abundance.

During times of heightened anxiety, always remember that what you tell yourself will fuel your feelings.

Your feelings will fuel your love for yourself.

Let go of feelings of guilt and regret and embrace who you are at your core.

It is not the time you spent with your loved ones but the energy you exchange.

Take the time for yourself so you can exchange pure loving energy with others.


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