Last night, like many I am sure, I was scrolling down the social media feeds by myself on my couch. I was enjoying my first evening alone for the rest of the week as I am co-parenting. 

Then I came across the photo below.

My first reaction was one of laughter. 

My second reaction was one of anxiety – how am I going to work? 

My third reaction was one of epiphany, as I wish my parents had shown me the love they felt deeply for me more often.

Humor is essential to keep our senses sane, and stress levels low.


What is also essential to take a step back and embrace the opportunity we have to just love our children and be present. The ego fuels anxiety, stress, and fear while your soul sees and promotes the essence of humanity.

Yes, our lives may be on hold for one, two, or three months. Or even longer, we don’t know and we can only keep our faith that the measures will have a positive impact. 

Yes, work will be new and frustrating at times, while the sense of urgency and performance keeps you in your headspace.

Yes, the unknown and the lack of control we feel can keep our stress levels above norm.

But it is also a historical moment in which we can spend time with our children in an era where they need love, safety, and security the most. In an age where the internet and outside turmoil shapes their personality, and increases their feelings of fears and anxiety and perhaps may become a root cause for depression later on in life.

So is this not a beautiful moment in time to learn and love them without conditions?

To indeed be present when they are present with us. 

The million-dollar question 

For me, this photo was a nudge to see beyond my frustration and fears. To embrace the opportunity given to connect with my child at a much deeper level than the years before. 

I get it, it is not easy when we as parents are experiencing an emotional turmoil ourselves. 

Whether it is working from home with technology failing every other hour and your children either craving your attention or ignoring you into feeling complete inexistence. 

Whether it is succumbing to the anxiety and fears of losing your business and finding yourself with no income or support for God knows how long. 

During these times, it is essential to see beyond your current reality so that you can develop more perspective and resilience during times of crisis. Everything is impermanence, and this too shall pass, we don’t know when and how, but it shall pass. 

And ask yourself the following questions:

Am I giving in to my negative emotions and fail to see the opportunity of reconnecting with my children? 


Am I going to look back and be grateful for teaching my children the concept of unconditional love? So that they grow up to be whomever they want to be as long as they are free from mental, emotional, and physical suffering? 

Imagine your child as his or her future adult

My plea to all the parents who feel their children are a burden during these times of homeschooling, imagine the following… 

Imagine your child 10, 15 or 20 years from now, still remembering these moments where you connected at a deeper level than ever before.  

Where you showed the true meaning of love and parenthood. Where they felt safe and secure within themselves as they modeled your behavior. 

Now they are thriving as they navigate life’s challenges with resilience, grace, and confidence. 

When they felt so loved by you, they developed healthy relationships so that they can love others from a place of non-attachment and alignment. 

When they are full of confidence and humility and treat others with respect, kindness, and grace because they feel fulfilled within themselves first. 

When they are equipped with life’s skills to navigate their negative emotions with a knowing that this too shall pass. 

When they feel worthy and complete by birthright, and they still feel the love you shared with them in abundance during times of crisis and when you continued to do so afterwards. 

When they teach their children to trust in themselves and in the higher universal intelligence that everything always works out one way or the other. 

When they love their children from a place of alignment, fulfillment, and abundance as they learn to become responsible for their own feelings without placing conditions on feeling  their emotions. 

When they teach their children what you taught them: that’s it is ok to feel all kinds of negative emotions, but it is not ok to correlate those emotions with their self-worth.

 When they are forever grateful to you for the life lesson, which they desperately needed to learn during their childhood:

There is no need to justify, no need to prove, no need to beg for love. They are loved in all their imperfection and blissful youth. Just the way they are. 

It’s a time where our choices as parents will shape our children’s future one way or another. 

Let’s be mindful and show our children which path to follow instead of letting our negative emotions take control of our minds.


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