We have unconditional love for our kids! A love that is hard to find when you are trying to get through a meeting without hearing the word Mommy or Daddy a million times in a timespan of 10 minutes. Focus is a skillset which seems farfetched at the moment. Let’s face it, working from home with your offspring present is beyond Mission Impossible. Even Tom Cruise would not want to go there!

But here we are anyway, and even if our children are the best thing that happened to us, we need help!

There is an overload of articles, videos, and tricks on how to telework from home with many beautiful screenshots, coffee mugs, and smiling faces.

We all know this is not reflecting reality throughout the day as the moods do change between offline and online presence. People want to present their best version online, it is human.

But don’t assume for a second that no one is struggling with the same issues you may be dealing with while teleworking during these ambiguous times. The reality many families face can be one of stress, friction, and anger if emotions run high more often than not.

So, do I have better advice or your solution to success with serenity?

No, but I do have some guidelines that will help you decrease your negative emotions, increase your positive ones, and learn how to create more moments of fulfillment and high energy throughout your day!

Maximizing and leveraging your emotional intelligence during these heightened times of pressure is vital for keeping your sanity.

Ready for the truth, and nothing but the truth?

Control your impulse

What is an impulse control?

Your impulse control is your ability to manage your reaction to the triggering of your emotions. If you are someone with low levels of impulse control, you are likely to fly off the handle when you are set off by an external event; or in this case your sweet babies! If you are someone with high levels of impulse control, no hurricane in the world could get you to react based on your emotions. Except for your kids that is!

Notice where you sit on the spectrum and become conscious of what makes you fly off the handle or what has you so immune to feelings.

Balance in life is what will increase your emotional energy so you can focus on being present in the moment. When you are present in the moment, you can perform some of your most exceptional work during flow. It is called deep work!

Fill your cup and keep it full

Oprah always says that she loves when people tell her that she is so full of herself. Because she is so full of herself, she can give to others from a place of abundance, alignment, and contentment. People all over the world feel her energy as she continues to touch many lives.

I know you are not Oprah, but you can work on keeping your cup full, so you can love your partner from a place of satisfaction. This is important; otherwise, COVID-19 may kill your marriage!

Your children will feel your calmness and grounded energy, and will respond to that. Perhaps not immediately, but eventually, they will align with you. The alternative is that your anxiety and stress levels reflect on their behavior and fuels their life mission of annoying you!

Alternate your performance peaks with your partner

Unless you are a celebrity with a big mansion and a lot of space for social distancing while working from home, chances are you will try hard to remember why you fell in love again with your partner? Don’t let the virus infect your marriage!

Being happily married takes work without a pandemic. During one you may wish to put some extra effort for longterm gains! This New York Times article provides some key pointers which can help you stay sane and married!

If we are in this together on a global scale, we can be in this together on a family scale!

Find a time when your emotions are neutral, take a glass of wine or juice, and discuss your individual needs, the results you need to deliver by the end of the week, and how you will plan your week as one team. Include your kids, they are part of your Mission Impossible Team too!

Don’t forget to pull out the costums and masks and tell them that hide and seek is the best part of the movie. One hour of hiding every other hour!

Jokes aside, communicate clearly with compassion and no blame and alternate your time with your kids. This will boost your performance as research shows working with sufficient breaks, increases your mental energy, and stimulates your performance levels!

Manage your colleague’s expectations

These are weird and perhaps scary times for many of us, even for your colleagues and bosses. They may not show because of their duty to keep up their “managerial mask” or the “strong-nothing-can-touch-me colleague mask,” they are feeling the repercussions as well.

To manage each other’s expectations, focus on the results you want, and those you can deliver. Your manager and your colleagues will appreciate having a clear understanding of who is doing what by when. This takes away any pressure, need to micromanage or to call for unnecessary meetings. If anything, you will exceed your results if you manage your mental and emotional energy as part of your new habit.

People are creatures of habits, anything can be learned and unlearned when we set our mind to it!

Successful people don’t focus on how many hours they have in the day, but on how to leverage their energy levels and increase their performance based on their blueprint e.g. using their strengths, talent, and life experience! Best-selling. The famous article in the Harvard Business Review Manage your energy not your Time explains why this shift of mindset will bring your lasting success.

Communicate with Empathy

When emotions run high, our mouth does too! You can either reach for a martini or grasp for air, either way calm your mind before you try to reason with someone else.

We communicate with our perspective in mind, often fuelled and biased with the emotions and the mood at the time of communication. So before the words escape your mouth, breath and refrain from speaking until you count to ten, minimum.

See any conflict or event through your eyes, the other person’s eyes, the observer’s eyes, and the group’s perspective. Close your eyes while doing this, and I guarantee you will discover so much more information than what your mind tricks you into believing.

Always keep the principle of “seek to understand before being understood” in mind!

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Sending you only light and love during these times of temporary disruption as we shall rise stronger, resilient and wiser.


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