As the world continues to struggle with a virus that eradicated thousands of lives in matters of weeks, the blue skies and sun keep shining in most parts of the world.⁣

As thousands of healthcare professionals work endlessly to save lives in conditions we would not be able to grasp with our rational mind, dolphins appear in Venice.⁣

As the elderly are locked down in complete isolation so scared by their vulnerability and terrified to die, some people continue to put them at risk.⁣

As many adults and children have lost their grandparents and loved ones, many keep celebrating life within their balconies.⁣

This dichotomy between death and life is hard to grasp or to face from our human mind.⁣

Human life is so precious and full of wonder and yet so vulnerable as Corona has shown us over these past weeks.⁣

In these times, the human mind, heart and soul will experience the unknown and the dichotomy of life and death differently.⁣

This is the strength of human diversity.⁣

But it never means nor shall it ever diminish the lives that are lost during this turmoil.⁣

These lives will be remembered hopefully across the globe as symbols for bringing humanity closer in times of darkness.⁣

These lives may have passed in body but their souls will live on forever, this is what I choose to believe. ⁣

My father passed away in matters of days because all of his organs stopped working.⁣

We never saw it coming nor did we know how to move on living life. ⁣

At the time of his passing a few years ago, blame and anger prevailed.⁣

Soon after I kept seeing a star high in the sky every time he crossed my mind and touched my heart and soul. ⁣

I choose to believe that the sky will be filled with new stars. ⁣

Stars which will shine bright so we may always remember that life is fragile and vulnerable.⁣

Stars which will shine the light on the essence of humanity present in all of us across the world.⁣

Sending only love and light to those who passed, to those who are struggling and to those who are trying to survive during the unknown.⁣


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