In times of lay offs and inhumane treatments because of disasters beyond our control, our worthiness seems no where to be found.

In times of seeking the light beyond the dark reality we face, worthiness is something we can only dream of beyond our grasp.

We are taught that worthiness is something we deserve and earn.

We are taught that worthiness is something that must be blessed upon us by others.

We are taught that worthiness can only be obtained by permission.

What if worthiness is felt by birthright ?

What if worthiness is present in every cell of your body?

What if worthiness requires you to believe in yourself and in your infinite potential, no questions asked?

What if you imagine your best and ideal version while taking every limitation out of the equation?

How would that feel like ?

What would that look like?

Worthiness is not earned, it is given when you enter life.

Worthiness flows from your soul, not your ego.

Worthiness does not depend on people’s opinions but on your own perceptions of you.

Worthiness is present within you.

All you have to do is to take back your power and feel worthy regardless of your outside conditions.

All you have to do is imagine first how feeling worthy of all that you desire would look and be like.

All you have to do is to believe in yourself even when no one else does.

Only then will new perspectives and inspiration emerge.

Only then will you be flooded with new ideas and a renewed sense of hope, faith and confidence.

Only then will you step outside of your comfort zone and enter the unknown with powerful desire and belief.

With a faith that is unprecedented and by knowing that everything always works out for you.

With a knowing that you are worthy of everything and all that you want in life, if you keep believing that your worthiness flows from within.

Be and feel worthy in every cell of your body, because of your birthright and because of the magical human being that you are.

Be Inspired, Shine your Light and never give up on your worthiness.

Your worthiness will never give up on you.


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