How I keep my levels of optimism despite the turmoil ?⁣

I care how I think first thing in the morning as that will set me straight for the rest of the day. ⁣

Yesterday morning I failed to think positive thoughts. ⁣

I woke up with tears flowing down my cheeks as my negative emotions felt overwhelming.⁣

I allowed anxiety and fear to rise high as I am too navigating the unknown.⁣

I felt lonely as I realised I know many people, but only connect with a few.⁣

I connect with my father’s soul when I miss him yet his presence in physical is all I can think of.⁣

I felt scared as I have not seen my mother in weeks and she is weak and vulnerable. When will I see her again?⁣

I momentarily lost hope on how I am going to build my dream and purpose in circumstances beyond my control.⁣

I went down the negative thinking spiral for the rest of the day and it felt far from who I really was at my core.⁣

Only when waking up again this morning I started my appreciation rant. ⁣

I refused to fall back in the trap of negative emotions triggered by thoughts which are futile.⁣

I appreciated my flow of breath that comes effortlessly and is not a given for many.⁣

I appreciated my body which is healthy and supports my soul’s desires and my mind’s ambitions.⁣

I appreciated my hands and feet which make me me mobile and still enjoy a walk outside at distance.⁣

I appreciated the love and zest in my life through my son’s spirit and energy. ⁣

I appreciated the friends and clients I do have who have been loving, kind and so supportive.⁣

I appreciated my ex-husband who despite our divorce still shows up for my son and I when we needed it the most.⁣

I appreciated my house and bed and how warm I feel every evening and every morning.⁣

I appreciated my brain and intellectual capacity as I am inspired to continuously create and expand.⁣

I appreciate my positive emotions as I feel alive and filled with hope, faith and a knowing that all will be ok.⁣

I appreciate every moment I am present in my life and those lives I touch through my words.⁣

I choose to focus on thinking thoughts which will keep my spirit alive and my flame burning.⁣


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