At first she believes her appearance is relevant and so she hides.⁣

She hides as she is being labelled as ugly and out of the normal, an alien amongst the others.⁣

She hides as she is being judged by standards which were never hers.⁣

She hides and floats into isolation while she grows up in her imagination alone.⁣

Soon she realises that true beauty is not defined by perception from others.⁣

Soon she realises that her pain was self-inflicted all along.⁣

Soon she realises that the love she sought on the outside comes from within.⁣

Soon she realises that the power she longs for radiates from her heart and soul.⁣

The moment she saw beyond her skin colour was the moment she transformed into one of the most gracious beings in her surroundings.⁣

Her light shines from within as she embraces⁣
her self worth and her beauty within her mind, body and soul.⁣

She stepped into her true and authentic self with a smile and a deep knowing she is whole, complete and enough. ⁣

Never give your power away to perceptions that are not yours.⁣

Never seek love from the outside if you don’t feel it for yourself first. ⁣

Never be fooled by outside beauty as the body attracts but it is the soul that mesmerises.⁣


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