Ghosting occurs when someone abruptly stops any form of contact for no reason.⁣

This happens in love, in work and with friends. ⁣

It hurts as it scars your heart with a sharp razor blade leaving you bleeding with no closure.⁣

How do you stop the bleeding as prevention is not in your control ?⁣

First, acknowledge that people are fickle human beings. One day you are the object of their attention until you are not. ⁣

Second, be frank with yourself – where do you get your validation and reason to live from ? ⁣

If it is outside of you, life will be painful with more bleeding hearts over and over again. ⁣

Third, closure is overrated. When someone disappears from your experience it has more to do with them than with you. ⁣

The only one who can make this about your self-worth is you. ⁣

Fourth, know that we are all connected through energy fields and people pick up on the subtleties you project. ⁣

If you feel insecure and a need to control, the energy of neediness pushes people away. ⁣

If you feel safe and secure within yourself, than the energy of ease and lightness prevails.⁣

Finally, the most important relationship you will have is with yourself. ⁣

When you invest in turning inwards for answers, for relief, for love, for care, for soothing, for whatever it is that you need – your energy will attract the matching frequency to join you in your experience. ⁣

Ghosting hurts. ⁣

But it can only hurt as much as you allow it to.


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