Limitations exist only in the mind.⁣

Opportunities exist in the mind and beyond. ⁣

Close your eyes and breath. ⁣

Imagine that there is nothing holding you back in life. ⁣

Imagine that there is no one trying to hold you below your potential.⁣

Imagine that all the power and courage you need is within you. ⁣

Feel the flame of your fighting spirit in every cell of your body. ⁣

Feel the energy from your soul who always guides you to move forward and never look back. ⁣

Feel your source as it fuels you with passion, purpose and vision to move beyond what is and create the new. ⁣

You were not born to be average.⁣

You were not born to sleepwalk. ⁣

You were not born to dim your light. ⁣

You were not born to play small.⁣

You were born to create and to expand in your greatness. ⁣

You were born to live your highest and truest expression of who you truly are. ⁣

You are the sky. Don’t let the weather take you off track. ⁣

Breathe and imagine your greatness unfolding every moment of your life until the last breath flows out of you. ⁣


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