I am enough.

I was born whole and complete on this planet.

I was born without the need to justify my existence.

I enjoy being with myself.

I like myself.

I understand that not everyone likes me, and that’s ok.

I still like myself, and I don’t take it personally.

I understand that it is impossible to please everyone, nor would I want to.

I understand that the most important relationship I will ever develop is with myself.

I understand that childhood has shaped me in the man or woman I am today.

I also understand that I can stop beating the drums of the past to sing the songs of the future.

I love knowing that everything I need is within me.

I love knowing that my energy is infectious, and I can be or want anything I set my mind.

I also know that I am still fulfilling my life’s purpose if I rest my body and mind.

I love enjoying moments with friends and family, so I can recharge my energy.


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