Speaking my truth feels essential to me. 

Having my voice heard and feel understood matters to me. 

Whenever I try to utter words that honor my soul, mind, and heart, I freeze. 

I feel this lump in my throat, and my airways are cut off. 

I freeze, or I boil as the blood flow is rushing through my veins. 

I know now that I can breathe myself back into calmness. 

I understand that speaking my truth does not come with a deadline. 

I understand that speaking my truth is done best when my emotions have dissipated. 

I understand that first, I need to be in harmony with myself before being in connection with others. 

I understand that when I wish the other well, demonstrate genuine compassion, they will embrace my voice. 

I know they will welcome my truth as I welcome theirs. 

I understand those uncomfortable emotions are a reflection of my beliefs and behaviors, not theirs.

I understand my power to go within and feel so I can release before speaking my truth. 

When I am calm and posed, I love knowing that my words have so much more power than when I am boiling and angry. 

I love knowing that I no longer feel insignificant or inferior when I am in my personal power as I matter in this world. 

I love knowing that we are the same humanity at the core, as it is only the external appearance that divides us. 

I love knowing that I do not need to impress or prove my self worth as it is a given within me. 

I love knowing that people mean well and want to see me succeed at their core. 

I love knowing that I also like people and wish them well and see them succeed. 

My happiness does not depend on them, nor does their happiness depend on me. 

I love learning how to communicate my truth with my emotions in balance. 

I am excited to discover the right mix of emotions to make my message land with kindness, love, and clarity. 

I love exercising in front of the mirror or visualize myself having a difficult conversation. 

After a few times, I love seeing that the energy within the conversations shifts because of how I feel inside. 

I love understanding the science of emotional intelligence and taking control of my life from within bears its fruits. 

I love evolving and learning how to live a life aligned with my potential. 

I love becoming a better version of myself every single day. 

I love knowing that I can turn difficult conversations into conversations that will enhance both of our experiences. 


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