Today I decide to wake up with a smile on my face.

Today I decide to appreciate a few months where I am and just.

I love waking up in the morning as many are not so blessed.

I love opening my eyes and see the world through my eyes.

I appreciate my pillows as my head is laid to rest comfortably.

I appreciate my sheets who keep me warm when many may be left out in the cold.

I appreciate my self and how far I have come in life by just living every single day.

I appreciate the contrast and the experience I gained throughout the past.

I appreciate my willpower which fluctuates throughout the days, but is always present never the less.

I appreciate my partner for just being who they are.

I appreciate our lives together and all the moments we share.

I appreciate waking up and have a job to go to.

It may not be the job of my dreams.

I may face several challenges at my job that feel overwhelming at times.

I may face conflict and disagreement, but I know it is never personal.

I know that waking up in the morning and setting my intention is fundamental to my well-being.

I know that appreciating what I already, so many blessings I take for granted, gives me the energy boost I need.

I vow that I will write down every thing I appreciate, no matter how small as I am blessed beyond my imagination.

I love my breath flow in and out of my nostrils that spurs life into me every single moment without effort on my side.

I love my legs who get me places effortlessly as I know many are not as blessed.

I love my eyes who can see and perceive all of life’s beauty and challenge.

I love my mouth as despite the challenges I can choose to smile and know that all is or will be well.

I love looking at what is, not at what was.

I love leaving the past behind and focus on creating the future.

I love telling myself new stories and imagining them in my mind as already done.

I love visualising every single step of the process first in my mind so I believe in every cell of my body that it is done.

I love bringing myself back to the here and now and focus on what does work and do more of that.

I love being nice to myself when I screw up as that is being human.

We mess up and make mistakes, we learn and move forward.

I love spending the first half hour of my morning in full appreciation.

I love watching my outer world transform because I started from within.


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