I understand that I am not my thoughts.

I understand that my thoughts are accumulations of my past beliefs.

I understand that other people, not me, defined my past beliefs.

I know I have the power to choose my thoughts.

I know that I can control the way I think by practicing my awareness.

I no longer choose to be a sloppy thinker.

I choose to become a deliberate thinker.

I want to choose thoughts that make me feel good and empowered.

I want to choose thoughts that connect me with who I am at my core.

I want to choose thoughts that fuel me with mental and emotional energy.

I want to choose thoughts that help me reach my goals and dreams.

I want to choose thoughts that feel good to me and others.

I want to learn to see the best in people as that makes me feel good.

I know now that I can’t control people’s behaviors and actions, only mine.

I know now that the way I control my actions is by the way I think.

I know now that the first half-hour of the day is critical for my well-being and success in life.

I know that whatever thought I start the day with will dictate the rest of my feelings and performance for that day.

I know now that it is counterproductive to tell myself that it is difficult to change my thoughts as it implies I have no personal power.

I sure do have personal power, and I am excited to learn how to use my power.

I am excited to practice forgiving my negative thoughts so I can choose a new thought in every moment.

I am excited to experience life and to become a master in thinking good feeling thoughts.

I am excited to release the past so that I can rise into my future.

I am excited to ground and center myself in every moment to observe my thoughts and choose new ones.

I am excited to step into my power and take ownership of my mindset to live a life free from limitations and full alignment to the free spirit.


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