The word human being is an illuminating concept in itself.

I am a human being, not human doing.

I love being fully present in this moment and in the next moment and in the next.

I understand that being in flow means being present with who I am and what I represent at any given time.

Being in flow means setting an intention before every encounter and every meeting to clear the clutter and focus on what matters.

Being in flow means understanding that energy flows where attention goes.

Being in flow means tapping into my creative genius by being still and listening to my heartbeat. Being in flow means allowing my intuition and my gut feeling to guide me in each moment.

Being in flow means giving a break to my rational mind and regenerating new brain cells for optimal performance.

Being in flow allows my body to move in perfect harmony with the breeze of the wind and the flow of fresh air.

Being in flow means focusing my attention to the beauty that surrounds me by feeling the sensations of life.

Every morning when I wake up, I promise myself that I will experience the magical bliss of flow at least once before I close my eyes.


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