Fuel your focus, performance, and well-being by breathing


Many of us have reached a point where we feel …can 2020, please be over now, and part of the past? Can we get this vaccine to roll out and get on with our lives? Feelings of exhaustion, loss of motivation, screen fatigue and working with kids in your face have been going on for far too long.  Others may feel very comfortable and have rediscovered themselves while working remotely; more time to manage their energy and workload in ways that feel good.  Some may feel the repercussions of working from home alone and miss people in real-life: people who they can smell, taste, and touch. 

Ok, perhaps not their colleagues, but human beings in real life would be lovely!  I am an introvert, and I love being alone. But even I miss people!! 

People have and are still experiencing this disruptive change differently. Whatever the case may be for you, one thing that has become evident is our dependency on technology, our environment, and other people. 

Ask yourself this question and try to be as honest with yourself as you can. It can be the beginning of a new way of living in 2021 and beyond:

What is the most critical thing in your life?

Is it money, status, family, friends, career, love life…?


That’s right, we take it for granted, but once it stops flowing in and out of our lungs, we are basically without oxygen, and everything else in our body stops working.  Then all the answers you may have given initially become obsolete and don’t matter anymore. Because without your breath, nothing matters, and nothing is possible.

So what? Ok, my breath is essentialHow does this have to do with well being and living life in new ways?

Here are five ways you can start using your breath to prioritize your well-being in life. 


Breathe away your mental clutter 


Some hear the word meditation, and they get all anxious and fired-up on why they could never sit still and stop thinking. They believe meditation is ridiculous; we live in a world where our brains keep absorbing information, and the voice in our heads never stops talking. To-do lists grow as the disasters in the world expand. 

So excuse me if I can’t sit still and think about nothing!

With that mindset, everyday life can only be strife and struggle as you come from a place of helplessness: things happen to me, and I can’t control them. 

Meditation is a way of life more than it is about a technique. When you practice bringing your awareness to your breath every time you start overthinking, and your worst-case scenarios are playing out in your head, you are basically telling your brain to calm the heck down and allow your body to relax.

Breathe to relax more 


One thing that COVID has taught us that you don’t need to travel to a paradise island in Seychelles to find inner peace and relax. When we practice focusing on our breath, we start to release happy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. Those hormones allow you to tap into your fuller brain capacity instead of reacting from a place of survival instinct. Because responding from a place of fear and stress triggers your defense systems. Your body will act and react in such a way to keep you safe. Everything around you will be experienced as a danger. 

Now, if you are avoiding a physical threat of any kind, this response type is crucial. Today I felt scared walking on the slippery slopes of the park in my neighborhood. So my reaction was one of caution and prudence.  

But if you are triggered every day by what people say or don’t say, by workplace drama and by world events…no wonder you feel exhausted! 

Breathe to re-energize 


There are many ways to feel energized through physical exercise, sleep, and eating healthy food. I am not going to repeat the overflow of research that shows how to re-energize yourself. But here is the secret:

Whatever activity you are immersed in, you are automatically re-energizing when you focus on your breath while doing whatever it is that you are doing.

Because when you are exercising and replaying all your negative and limiting beliefs, all the clutter of the mind – that process drains you from your energy. Every thought has an energetic frequency connected with your brain cells and the cells in your body – quantum physics. Epigenetic research shows how our beliefs can drain our energy and lead to depression, exhaustion, and all kind of unhealthy physical conditions. 

So whatever you are doing, just focus on your breathing! 

Dissipate tension through your breath 


So I blame my Mediterranean heritage for my fluctuating levels of impulse control. I do consider myself an emotionally stable and balanced person. But push my buttons one too many times, and the Arabic flame catches fire. And if you are my son, that also serves as a trigger. 

I teach my clients when they feel intense emotions, to just focus on their breathing. There are no right or wrong feelings; feelings are inherent to being human—so feel your feelings and DON’T ACT. JUST BREATHE. Emotion is energy in motion, so allow the energy to flow through you and breathe. 

If you do want to act, go punch your pillow, scream out of your window, write your most fabulous blog ever, paint the next generation Picasso, or let it out in any other way that does not involve other people. 

Creative expression during intense emotions has given birth to some of the greatest inventions of our time. Think about that for a second! 

The first time you do this, you will fail miserably. That’s ok; experience without the emotion turns into wisdom. Practice it, and don’t judge yourself. At a certain point, you will become a master at it! 

And yes, sometimes you will still be triggered, which may be just what you need to feel relieved or ignite a necessary change in your situation. 

Reflect on past experiences to make better decisions for the future!

Appreciate your breath when you feel lost 


The number one problem many people experience on a deep level is that they don’t feel good enough. We all have daddy and mommy issues, teacher issues, bullying issues, destructive break-up issues, and a whole laundry list of topics from our past. 

Take the example from the King of the Skies, the Eagle. The Eagle never eats dead prey. Don’t go fishing for what happened in the past; leave the past in the past!

Otherwise, we use those experiences as a benchmark of how to live life and create controlling measures to feel an elusive sense of safety and security. We spend our time, mental energy, and emotional body to prove our worthiness to others and the world. 

I am still amazed by how much we crave to be famous just for the sake of it?! How we admire people for just being famous ?! 

Surely, we are all human beings with immense potential and unique gifts, talents, and qualities. But that doesn’t make us better than anyone else but also doesn’t make anyone else better than us. We all go to that same place called: THE BATHROOM! 

So how can you breathe and feel good enough? By remembering the miracle of your breath. It flows in and out of you effortlessly every single moment. It helps your heart pump oxygen to your brain and allows your blood to flow in all of your veins. 

More importantly, it sustains the life force that’s within you, a life force every single baby is born with. When you grow up, your life force gets dimmed by the shadow of life and people’s opinions and expectations.

So remember and appreciate your breath and feel your worthiness in every fiber of your being. You are enough, more than enough. You are not defined by your work or environment; you are define by your character and the attitude you decide to apply in any situation. 

Now go live and love life!

P.S. Breath, feel and think before acting while cyber criminals are taking advantage of the global disruptions. 


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