Welcome to my about page. Unfortunately, as we grow older, there is not enough space on one web page to share our stories. So for me, this about page is for you to get to know me personally a bit more. As you read my blog, daily reflections, and listen to my podcast, you will learn more about why and how I go about my mission to help people build emotional firewalls.

Where do I start? 

I am happily divorced and a mother to a beautiful, bold and brave young boy, Adam. He has definitely played a significant role in helping me build emotional firewalls, as his defiance of logical cause and effect keeps me on my toes!

I often get asked why I use the word happily divorced because the assumption is attention-grabbing. Maybe it is in a way, but not for the reason you may think. For me, it is making a statement. A statement that we can be happily single, happily married, happily nothing, and anything in between. As long as we generate our happiness within and not based on societal standards.

Nadja on the couch

In 2019, I jumped off a cliff and started my second life as an Entrepreneur after working for nearly two decades at the world’s largest security organization, NATO. It was the scariest decision I ever made in life and the most freeing one. 

Was it easy? 

I am uncertain if I even remember what easy feels like, as I fought an uphill battle all my life. I fought against bullying and discrimination because of the colour of my skin. Not only that, but I dealt with inner conflict growing up between opposing cultures, as questioning the status quo kept me isolated wherever I went. I fought, and still fight, a battle against stigmas and bias when I climbed up the career ladder from Secretary to Senior Executive. And I fought a battle against burnout as I started my business when I was still recovering from my own depletion in life.

If it was not for my emotional firewalls, I am not sure if I would be here today the way I am now. You see, life throws us many bricks on our pathway to our dreams. Our emotions can dissuade us and keep us below our potential if we give in to people’s projections of their own wounds, to our own elusive fears and worries, and to our limited egoistical perspective of what is possible. Had I not transmuted my emotional pain into wisdom to drive me forward, I probably would be somewhere in the world planting a tomato garden. That’s easy and comfortable.

But for me personally, ease and comfort are the greatest threat to human evolution.

Working behind the computer

I still remember that day as if it was yesterday when picking up my son from school. The world went into lockdown, and the supermarkets were emptied of toilet paper. How was I going to feed my son? 

How would I make revenue as an Entrepreneur as my savings were gone?

How would I do this by myself, as I had no one close to me to help? And even if I had, why would they care, as the whole world was in the same boat?

As I write and remember those moments, tears still flow down my cheeks as I believed my dreams came crumbling down on me. I could not look my son in the eyes without fear and worry about how we would make it? What if he had to live with his father if I could not care for him financially? The fear of uncertainty and unknown felt crippling at that time.

As many strong women do, I kept a mask and hid my true vulnerability to the outside world. I allowed myself to feel miserable, scared, and anxious for about a week or two. Then one day, I remembered who I was. I remembered all the dark periods in my life which did not break me but made me. I faced my deepest fears head-on with courage, with emotion, and with an unfettered belief that I would come out thriving on the other side. There was no other option; that was the only option, and I was going to do whatever it takes – with my emotional firewalls burning bright and strong.

And here I am today, alive and well, at peace with where I am currently.  And eager for where I am headed. It was a long and painful journey, though. I faced many rejections, I failed quite a few times,  and I made some embarrassing mistakes – like big embarrassing ones. But, don’t worry; they are part of the podcast’s stories!

But I also learned so much about myself. About my self-image and about how I show up in the world. I learned how to receive and be in my feminine energy without being in active mode all the time. I learned to trust myself and take a leap of faith in my talents and gifts to help others. 

And most importantly, I realized that I alone am enough. Full stop.

Working behind the computer

The hardest thing to do is believe in yourself when one else does. And that’s how I felt on my mission to help people build emotional firewalls fit for the digital decade. It was, and still is, an uphill battle as birthing something new into a world requires conviction, courage, perseverance, and passion.

It involves resilience when you hear the word NO time after time. It requires discernment to not take rejections personally. It requires falling 100 times and getting up 101 even if no one is watching or supporting.

You see, your life’s purpose is not in the destination but in the process of life itself. I always remember my end destination, the day I hope to get to die peacefully and take my last breaths. How do I want to feel? Who is surrounding me? What world did I leave behind for my children, loved ones, and humanity?

I see myself feeling at peace, having lived above my potential and not below. I feel blessed and lucky to have raised children whose light is a beacon of hope that shines brightly into the world.

Furthermore, I feel loved as I am surrounded by a handful of people who were my roots in life. As a tree loses its leaves every season, people will come and go in your life. But, only a handful will stay by your side, just like the roots of a beautiful oak tree.

This is my story, or a fraction of my story. As you dive deeper into my writing and reflections, I hope to inspire you, so you can live above your potential step by step.

At times, you may disagree, feel discomfort, and even feel triggered. But that’s a good sign, as I invite you to dive deeper into understanding, so you can blossom into the remarkable woman with ambition that you were born to be. On the other side of discomfort, freedom awaits you.


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