Why EQ Training

Remote working has been around for a while and will continue to prevail as companies try to adapt to working in an increasingly digitized world. Over 60% of global population is currently  active on the internet with increasing numbers by the day. 

According to the World Economic Forum, 78% of business leaders think hybrid and home-working will have a negative impact on productivity. 

Even before the pandemic became a reality, the WHO found that Worldwide, 615 million people suffer from depression and anxiety and cost the global workforce an estimated $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.

Risk for burnout keeps growing with the day as does human error and falling prey to cyber crime. Cyber criminals take advantage of a distracted, fatigued and a stressed out remote workforce. Isolation of staff is considered one of the top concerns for remote working according to latest stats by Infosecurity Europe. 

The paradigm of traditional ways of working has changed and cyber security awareness needs to be people centric first and foremost.

But how do we motivate people in an age of disruption? 

How do we help employees find meaning and purpose in their work when uncertainty prevails? 

How do we help and equip students to navigate the new digital ways of learning at a time where social isolation, unemployment and financial distress are part of their everyday reality?

It’s time to help people develop their EQ Toolbox to help people thrive beyond the disruptions and build new coping mechanisms to overcome life’s challenges, adversity and struggles. 

The EQ Toolbox


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that influence how we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use dynamic information in an effective and meaningful way. I work with the scientifically validated markers from the EQ-i 2.0 Model: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relations, decision-making, and stress management. 

At Thrive with EQ, we work with the scientifically validated EQ-i 2.0 Model. The EQ-i 2.0 model measures a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we:

  1. perceive and express ourselves,
  2. develop and maintain social relationships,
  3. cope with challenges, and
  4. use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

The EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence is comprised of fifteen factors across five categories of functioning. These skills, which form the building blocks of abilities such as communication, resilience, and time management, can be mapped theoretically and empirically to job competencies, productivity, academic performance, and other measures of success to help predict and improve functioning.


Who should attend


    • Students who struggle with high levels of stress, low levels of resilience, persistent feelings of anxiety, and uncertainty impacting their learning experience and graduation chances significantly. 
    • Managers who lead remote teams and who struggle with motivating their staff, increasing overall team productivity, and ensuring their well-being. The EQ training is recommended for:
    • Teams who are dispersed virtually, physically, and remotely and whose performance, productivity, and well-being are negatively impacted by online collaboration.



Training Topics


  • The EQ Toolbox helps participants manage their stress, build resilience, communicate effectively, collaborate online, creative problem-solving skills, and develop human values.


  • Download your brochure for more information about each training topic. 



Stress Tolerance

Learn new ways of stress management to help you navigate prolonged periods of stress and thrive beyond the disruption. 

Resilience Building

Build your resilience levels through the science of character strengths. Character strengths leverage those strengths that come natural to you and which feel energizing. 

Effective Communication

Effective communication is about leveraging empathy, compassion, clarity and influence in achieving desired outcomes both for yourself and your team. 

Problem Solving

Problem solving in an innovative, dynamic and creative setting where you will leverage both your IQ and EQ to solve problems while working online.

Online Collaboration

Learn how to build digital emotional intelligence and develop a new social toolbox for online collaboration. 

Human Values

Know what drives you and your team! Discover and leverage your core values so you can align your purpose with your work and increase individual and team performance. 

What’s Included?

At Thrive with EQ, we focus on providing you a learning experience that is innovative, dynamic, practice, and adapted to your real-life situation.

We leverage our know-how and expertise in designing crisis simulation workshops to exercise collaborative engagement between multidisciplinary teams. 

8hrs in-person facilitation and/or 4hrs on-line training per day.

An interactive briefing that combines the theory, science and the practitioner ’s view.

Creative exercises to boost engagement levels alternating between break-out groups and main room sessions.

Multiple remote work simulation scenarios for groups larger than 10 people.

Role-play multiple ‘business personas’ during the break-out sessions.

Access to secure client share point portal with access to training material.

We provide both in-person and online trainings.

Online trainings can be delivered on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex platforms.

What’s Included?

Interactive 90-minutes talk

Thrive with EQ worksheet with practical EQ exercises

Visualization Exercise to boost motivation levels

EQ Toolbox Talk can be delivered on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex platforms.




“Nadja was one of our keynote speakers at the Nursing and Healthcare Conference 2021. This is a flagship event which takes place online with healthcare practitioners and professors from across the globe. Nadja’s in-depth presentation on emotional intelligence was full of practical strategies, wisdom and tools for both student nurses and practitioners. She speaks with such compassion, grace, and clarity and is an inspiration to all those who attended the conference. Thank you Nadja, and we look forward to hosting you again for our next edition!”

The Research Gate Int. Cooperation, Dallas Texas 2021



“No sooner had your session finished than I received a message from one of the team that read, “WOW. That was AMAZING”. I wanted to let you know that the team appreciated you. Your talk was the perfect addition to our day and gave us something to think about. I’m feeling confident that many will make some positive changes as a result!””

Emma F., Deputy Head UK Government

“Nadja impeccably designed and facilitated a two-part online EQ training for a dozen emerging leaders from the Eastern Partnership countries. She was a real pleasure to work with and I greatly appreciated her creativity, good sense of humor, openness to dialogue and flexibility to build a training program for a diverse group of individuals. Through a mix of crisis simulations, role play, presentations on how emotions impact the ability to make decisions and one-on-one coaching, Nadja helped each of the members of the group become better decision-makers and increase their impact in their communities. Nadja is a passionate coach and leader, and an inspiration to all those she helps grow. I strongly recommend her to any organization that works on leadership development.”

Ana Aelenei, Head of Leadership and Democracy Initiatives , German Marshall Fund of the United States

“Nadja’s grasp and explanation of EQ, along with explaining its application within the personal and work environments, is something I believe should be incorporated not only into every business but educational systems as well – the information received is that important. Being able to give a person a foundational understanding of where they fall in the range of 15 different areas – and how to balance over and under-compensating factors – truly is a gift of clarity.  Nadja’s reporting also provides strategies for improving areas which is exciting as you have a starting point, an actionable game plan, and a truer knowledge of yourself. Speaking with Nadja was never a like a lecture that she needed to get through, it was always a meaningful conversation – she put me at ease, asked thought-provoking questions to get to the heart of a matter, and practiced active listening.  If you want a better functioning team – in any capacity, but I know her focus is cybersecurity – do yourself a favour and get set up with Nadja. I cannot recommend her services enough!”

Sue Lemm, PMP, Naval Federal Credit Union

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