Essence of Humanity

As at the core, we are the same humanity

Many of us struggle to deal with our full range of emotions and experience them as part of being human. We were never taught to do so. We seek happiness and try to hide our negative emotions, so we end up miserable in the end anyway. Physical and mental health are linked to our ability to experience both negative and positive emotions, and learning to let go instead of dwelling on negative beliefs. Beliefs that we are not good enough, beliefs that we are not worthy of life true to our values, beliefs that we do not have enough experience, beliefs that we will never achieve our dreams and many more self-limiting beliefs.

Redefining the human experience in the digital age needs a connection on a deeper level through the mind, heart, and soul. At the core, we are the same humanity, and we hold the same fears and hopes. At our core, we all try to live a life true to ourselves.
“The Essence of Humanity” are short stories that will help you discover the full range of human emotions, both positive and negative emotions. Stories which will make you cry, sad, joyful, happy, loved and much more— stories that will make you feel again to your core, and connect with humanity through compassion. Compassion in the digital age of darkness will shine light onto many souls who are waiting to be seen, heard and understood.

Join me in spreading compassion by reading and sharing the Essence of Humanity.

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