Meet Nadja

Nadja possesses the latest credentials in the emotional intelligence space, and trained with leading experts in the field. She is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, a certified EQ-i 2.0 coach by Multi Health System (MHS) Inc. Assessments, and a Certified Digital Marketer by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland.

A proven leader, Nadja is an alumna of the 2014 NATO Executive Development Programme, an alumna of the 2018 German Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program sponsored by The German Marshall Fund of the United States, and a Steering Committee member for Women in International Security Brussels. Nadja is a post-graduate from the University of Cambridge in International Relations. She is fluent in English, Dutch, Arabic, and French and proficient in Italian and German.

Nadja is happily divorced and her greatest gift in life is her six-year old son Adam. They live their potential every single day and enjoy each moment of their human experience in the digital age. In her spare time, Nadja enjoys creative writing, meditation and yoga.


My Journey of Belonging

I am Dutch; I was born with my heart in my sleeves, my soul on fire and a mouth I can’t control (well, I do control what comes out, but speaking truth to power for positive social change is essential to me). I am a fire sign with high energy levels, so I am excited about a whole bunch of stuff! 

Life has been far from easy, and I have overcome many adversities in life. For the majority of my existence, I spent my time hiding who Nadja really was, and I kept playing small. I was hiding from the outside world, hiding growing up, hiding throughout my career, and hiding from others so I could have a sense of elusive security and safety.
Imposter syndrome kept me small for a very long time, until I dared to speak up because I finally got my degrees and certifications from prestigious institutions. All of a sudden, I felt worthy of recognition from the outside world. Still, I suffered on the inside as I was too busy thinking how the outside world would perceive me, and that it would be best to keep playing it small. 

Until I lost my father without notice , until my marriage fell apart, until I hit burnout – I experienced many dark moments in life, but I always got out of them with grace. Life is too short to play small or to feel sorry for yourself while life is happening. By sharing my Wisdom, Experience, and Emotions, I want to help you enhance your quality of life in the digital age.

My top three mantras in life

1) We can’t control what happens around us, but we have 100% power of what happens inside of us. 
We live life by default instead of by design. My mission is to help you manage your life and become your own CEO. You are in control of your life if you learn the art of understanding your emotions and those of people around you. All of us should embrace our human experience in the digital age and just be ourselves. Only by being human and learning how to deal with all of our range of emotions, will we set ourselves free from living a life below our real potential.

2) Authenticity in a digital age is a golden currency and is at the heart of all my initiatives and life in general. 
Through my blogs and videos I hope to inspire personal empowerment in the digital age, so others too can thrive in their professional and personal lives. Technology often offers an elusive alternative reality, and many hide behind the screens of addiction. Learning how to identify, articulate and use our emotions in the digital age is something many of us never learned growing up. Emotional Intelligence is a high predictor for achieving your desired outcomes in life. Connecting at the basic human and emotional level is what I believe will redefine our humanity in the digital era.

3) Believe in yourself even when no else does. Belief has got me where I am today. Belief will get me to places I dream of now, which will become a reality because of my beliefs.

The human mind is the most powerful tool we have, and if we learn to control it we will become masters of our destiny. We underestimate the power of our thoughts and how they actually create our reality. We tell ourselves horrible stories, we imagine the worst-case scenarios, and we assume our desired life is not meant for us. People tell us we are not good enough, so we believe them. Fear of failure keeps us away from achieving our desired outcomes in life, because we avoid feeling the horrible feelings that come with failure. Believing in yourself, putting in the work and letting go of attachments and expectations will get you where you want to be in life. Embracing failure as part of your road to success, will make you more resilient, more courageous and build your character while you fulfill your dreams. Over and over again. I am the living proof, and I am here to help you achieve the same.