Meet Nadja

Why me from a scientific perspective?   

I possess the latest credentials in the emotional intelligence space, and I trained with leading practitioners in the field.

I am also licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, a certified EQ-i 2.0 coach by Multi Health System (MHS) Inc. Assessments, and a Certified Digital Marketer by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland.

Why me from a human perspective? 

Helping busy professionals excel in all areas of their lives requires a deep understanding of how emotions can control our lives and leaving us feeling disempowered and drained. I have been there, several times throughout my life.

I connect with people on an emotional level because I understand what it feels like to work with chronic stress levels in the 21st Century.

I understand how your minds tricks you into believing that working hard equals high levels of stress. Leaving you with feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

After my own soul-searching journey and inner-work, I now thrive instead of survive in life. I learned how to turn my perception about stress and work into personal power and excel in all areas with serenity. I want to help you do the same based on your vision for your life.

You may feel out of touch with your purpose or believe you have no clue what your vision is. This is my job, to help you connect with your vision in life and empower you with the emotional intelligence tools and techniques that will help you transform into your full potential with peace of mind!

My Vision

My vision is to help professionals excel and feel successful in life without the suffering, the sacrifice and the negative thinking patterns. 

I will help you:

  • Transform negative emotions of anxiety and stress into positive emotions of serenity and resiliency;
  • The tools and techniques that are personalized for you so you can excel in life with peace of mind;
  • Transform your limiting beliefs into limitless beliefs by tapping into your internal resources and potential;
  • Help you develop and exercise a healthy mindset fuelled with positive emotions so that you can excel in life!

That’s my mission at Success with Serenity. To help you lead a more fulfilled life with serenity and well-being. Because you only have one life and you can write as many stories as you like. Until there are no more pages left.

So let’s make sure your story is one of inspiration, bravery, hope and empowerment with high levels of happiness!