Do you feel tired and overwhelmed with the overload of training and courses online about developing skillset for work, but not for life?

Do you wish there was a practice online training on emotional intelligence that combines the science and practitioner’s view so you can relate?

Do you like to explore which tools and techniques you can start leveraging to live a life above your current potential with less stress and joy?

On 1 January 2021, I will launch a series of personal leadership courses to help you develop, leverage, and maximize your emotional intelligence. 

The course will help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn how to reduce the negative impact of stress and leverage it to boost your performance and well-being;
  • Learn how to start your day with the right intentions so you can focus on what you can control with peace of mind;
  • Learn how to manage and leverage your emotions so you can make better decisions, solve complex problems and engage your team both virtually and in-person;
  • Learn how to remain a high performing manager without compromising on your own well-being, performance, and productivity;
  • Learn how to bring the best out of your team through the science of character strengths;
  • Learn how to train and prime your mindset for resilience, success, and positive outcomes. 

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