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The only online program to help you build human resilience through emotional firewalls fit for the digital decade.  

What if you had access to a wealth of wisdom, experiences, strategies and insight from someone who has been there?

What if you can relate to no-nonsense teachings based on life experience and reality from the comfort of your home, accessible anywhere and anytime? 

The first online program I am launching is helping you build a solid foundation, so your emotional firewalls can help you thrive in all areas of your life. 

Our building blocks:


  • Embrace your worth


  • Communicate with Confidence & Clarity


  • Network like a boss


  • Bend but don’t break


  • Build resilience from the inside out
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Embrace your worth

We live in a society where feeling that you are enough by just being you is nearly impossible. We are constantly pushed to do more, to be more and to prove more. The perks of online media and social feeds keep us in doubt and comparison to others. The paradox reality of work life balance at a time where being ambitious is seen as a sacrifice in another area of our lives. 

Feeling worthy has nothing to do with people’s opinions and everything to do with your birth right. For several decades, I allowed people’s opinions fuel my self-worth. I forgot that as a baby born into this world, I felt worthy of everything life had to offer. All of us did. It is only when we grow up and learn what is right and what is wrong, what is “appropriate” and what is “frowned upon”,  what we can and cannot do, what will others say, think or do. Our wounds become our benchmark for what we believe we are worthy in life. It is time to come from a place of our worth not our wounds.

Every single human being is worthy because of birth right, and that includes you amazing woman with ambition!

Communicate with Confidence & Clarity

We see the world as we are, not as it is. When you communicate from a place of insecurities, you limit your potential. Your subconscious thoughts, fears for rejection and exclusion, anxiety, and projection hinder your ability to communicate with confidence and clarity.

In my teenage years, I started to speak up as I was told at a young age that my stuttering would impact my communication abilities later on in life. However, I did not dare share my views another perspective as I grew up in an environment where opinions and perceptions mattered. Over the years, I slowly grew out of this speech stagnation, and step by step, as I gained confidence, I found my voice.

Through self-love, the more clarity you will find within and express yourself with personal power.

Network like a boss

Imagine your IQ – cognitive ability – is your elevator in life. But your EQ – emotional quotient/ intelligence is your trajectory upwards or downwards. Networking like a boss requires the natural art of building relations. You can learn to be authentically yourself and influence your desired outcomes through your personality, character, and values in life.

At NATO, my nickname was network ninja. I mastered the principle of seeking to understand before being understood early on in my career. I always kept the end in mind and did not allow short-term gratification, impulse, or ego to get in the way. It was not easy, and at times I had to develop skin as thick as a crocodile. Choosing your behaviour from a place of character when someone else comes of ego will not meet your need for instant gratification, but will pave the way for long-term reputation. 

In the end, people will not always remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Bend but don’t break

Human resilience is all about bending in life, not breaking. The bamboo tree is known for its strength to bend in stormy weather, but it never breaks. Yet, we have so much inner strength that remains untapped, as navigating the negative emotions takes time and healing.

Since I was six years old, I have faced traumas of abuse, discrimination, bullying, injustice, and exclusion. I look back at my life, and I can now see the wisdom of my experience, which has helped me build resilience. Which has helped me acquire the tools and techniques to navigate the ebb and flow of life. In life, people either seek pleasure or avoid pain. But our ability to balance feeling pleasure with feeling pain is at the heart of building resilience, as everything in life has a polar opposite.

Learn how to navigate life’s challenges and find your balance every time, so you can thrive and not just survive.

Build resilience from the inside out

In today’s world filled with uncertainty, worry is part of daily reality for many women. We worry about our future, our careers, what people may say or do, we worry about failing, and we worry if we will ever feel enough. Of course, these worries are part of human nature. Still, chronic worries cause chronic stress, increasing the risk of depletion, depression, and burnout.

There is no one size fits all to manage your stressors in life. But how we perceive stress and the meaning we give to our experiences makes a significant difference in how we feel. Negative chronic stress perpetuates negative emotions, which drains our energy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The most important words we will ever be are the words we speak to ourselves – Marissa Peers.

It is time to rethink your relationship with stress and learn new ways to tolerate temporary stress instead of falling for chronic stress. 

What do I offer?

  • Online programs which assist and guide you on your way to build emotional firewalls.


  • Learn new strategies on how to be unapologetically you without shame, guilt or regret.


  • A private community of other Women with Ambition so we inspire each other.


  • Long-life access to my online programs from the comfort of your home.

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What do others say about me…


I had the immense pleasure and honor of doing an online visualisation exercise with Nadia El Fertasi. I was familiar with the technique but not at the level at which Nadia applies it, which is impressive because she adds so many personal elements to the visual story. Also it was a very elaborate visualisation which makes it truly impactful. To work with her on visualising my future last week has really given me extra clarity and focus. I feel energised. We did the visualisation online and that works just fine. I strongly belief in the power of visualisation and definitely recommend Nadja El Fertasi!

Elizabeth van den Bergh

Intl. Speaker Coach/Entrepreneurs and Executives to speak with confidence & impact

I attended Nadja’s workshop on work-life balance and two hours later walked out feeling inspired, confident and ready to conquer the world. Her enthusiasm, expertise and kindness are just some of the qualities she brings to her method and manages to create such a safe and fun environment for participants. The exercise we did helped me put into perspective a lot of things in my life. I can’t thank her enough, and can’t recommend her enough!

Marianna Tzaerli

Nadja is an enthusiastic, prepared, inspiring woman. She’s able to open your mind to new visions and perspectives. I recommend her training 100%. 

Eleonora del Vecchio

The Brussels Binder

Unmask your Potential’ workshop was wonderful.  You have a gift for enabling people to dive into their internal barriers, throw them open, and permit powerful self-worth to rise to where it serves them well, with caring, meditative & soothing freshness. Thank you.

Sandra Melone

Chairwoman, Board of Directors, Search for Common Ground Belgium

I had a wonderful coaching session with Nadja yesterday. Next to using a specific coaching technique, she went further to assist me with emotional blockages in a kind and professional manner. She was very involved and could react promptly to ‘my story’, highlighting different elements and situations I need to bring more attention to. Even though it was an online session, she manages to connect to you deeply . Nadja was also very careful not to push too much, when the emotions are high. She managed to guide the whole session with care, love and kindness. I would definitely recommend Nadja should you have emotional blockages or if you need to someone to let you see that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Andreja Sulim de Zwarte

International research funding advisor

We  had a powerful  session of me visualizing my dream, with Nadja standing beside me, of how I would create a healing center for women offering  yoga and somatic healing.  With her guidance I was able to visualize the way I wanted it to look as a space including the small details, how it would feel to women coming into it and what possibilities I could offer there including healing retreats.  We established a timeline goals, of what/when/how,  in making this come to fruition including ongoing training, personal healing work and the practicalities of establishing a web presence, funding etc. I was brought to tears at how real and tangible visualizing it was.  I now have the “bones” of what I want to make happen and Nadja has given me the tools to flesh out the body of my life goals.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking clarity personally or professionally.

Caroldean Jude

Yoga Teacher at Shift Power Yoga in Coquitlam

Nadja El Fertasi has been my coach since February and has helped me tremendously navigate through a series of challenges/changes in my life. I first met Nadja at a NATO conference and immediately felt connected to her. She has this incredible ability to inspire confidence and trust, listen and empower you. Speaking to her is easy and soothing at the same time. After we met again in February, Nadja kindly proposed to coach me. I was in the process of trying to find a new job and sitting a few interviews and feeling very stressed out. I did not know where my career was taking me and felt a little overwhelmed. What Nadja did was to help me understand what my core strengths were and what type of person I was, for me to release my full potential and be happy. Her methods were carefully designed and professional. She sent me a full report after each of our sessions which contained a wealth of information and tips.

Throughout my 6-month journey with Nadja, I have learnt a huge amount: what my inner strengths are, how to feel empowered and how to change my perspective on life and its little hiccups! Nadja has huge potential and an inner gift to sense and understand people’s emotions and strengths. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jessica Pennetier

Co-Founder & Head of Communications at Women In International Security (WIIS)

Nadja is a wonderful open minded woman. It is inspiring to be around her and to see how she uses her powers / strengths to help other people. I felt immediately comfortable with her. She really gets you and she helped me to see my strengths. She is passionate, she is an empath, she is a Power Woman! I definitely can recommend a session with Nadja!!


World Traveller and Change Agent

Nadja is one of the few people I know who’s mission and actions are aligned. She has so much to teach and share and getting the opportunity to learn or be coached by her is a gift. Thank you Nadja!

Nathaniel Prince

Founder of Profound Shifts

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une coach en or, positive , expérimentée et dotée d’une incroyable empathie … Ne cherchez plus vous êtes sur la bonne page !!! Nadja se fera une joie et un immense plaisir de vous aider à débloquer votre potentiel!

Najwa Hboudane

Talent Management, NATO

A brilliant and passionate coach. She will help you to discover what you already have inside yourself. A true empath and an amazing human being! She is definitely born to do this!

Maria Agnese Arban

European Parliament

Can’t recommend Nadja enough. She’s a wonderful person and someone you immediately feel comfortable with. No judgement, just a lot of empathy and the ability to recognise your potential from the very beginning. No matter your background, I’m sure you will greatly benefit from her coaching. Go for it!

Norma Rose

International PR Consultant


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