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The human mind is the most powerful tool we have; still, we only use a limited capacity of our actual potential. Your external environment may or may not help you solve some of life’s complex problems, such as career development, feeling fulfilled, feeling happy, dealing with conflict, and many more digital era problems. The real question is, what can you do to tap into your potential and start living outside your head, in the present moment and into action?

Through my personal empowerment blogs, I will share my own wisdom and experience, as well as those from others so you can start empowering yourself today – because today you can take the first step in living life by design instead of by accident.

How to land your internship in paradise

I am far from being an intern age-wise, but boy did I enjoy my volunteering experience in Bali. I spent two weeks with my son helping a school for children with special needs. A school which helps them with their personal growth into adulthood. These children may...

Fostering inclusion in an age of exclusion

On Sunday 30th June 2019, I had the privilege and honour to participate as a keynote speaker at the INCLEADERS FORUM 2019. For me this was a unique opportunity to share my wisdom and authentic experience in all vulnerability, so others can be inspired to navigate...

How writing with authenticity got me over 1.2k fans on Medium

Check out my latest blog on how writing with authenticity got me over 1.2k claps on Medium. I have been blogging in medium for a little over a year with slow progress and my best blogs got at most 200 claps. I was grateful and kept writing as a passion and shared my stories, my experience, I learned how to use SEO and I embraced feedback. Read the whole story of how to write with integrity and authenticity to leave your mark in the digital age!

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When a group of women come together without a mask and open minded to learn about #EmotionalIntelligence , pure bliss! Thank you @GWCBxl for inviting me to inspire and empower your wonderful community ! #empowerment #workshops

Feelings are scary and messy. Being human in the digital is messy. Choose to be human anyway. Unfiltered human experience in the digital age: via @NadjaElFertasi

Check out my latest Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise Sample Proposal based on #EmotionalIntelligence. I believe in building human resilience fit for the digital age:… P.S. Everything is 100% designed by me, and I am fully up to speed on IPR. Just saying!

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