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Through my personal empowerment blogs, I share my wisdom, experience and emotions so you can start living outside your head and into action! Authenticity, vulnerability, passion and a large dose of humor are at the heart of my blogs. My wish for you is to be inspired to live a life above your potential and achieve your desired outcomes in life!

Navigating your Imposter Syndrome

Navigating your Imposter Syndrome

I felt inspired to finally write about imposter syndrome as I have suffered from it far too long. I also know for a fact that I am not alone. Before we dive deeper into the rising phenomena of imposter syndrome, what does it mean? It basically boils down to feeling...

How to land your internship in paradise

How to land your internship in paradise

I am far from being an intern age-wise, but boy did I enjoy my volunteering experience in Bali. I spent two weeks with my son helping a school for children with special needs. A school which helps them with their personal growth into adulthood. These children may...

Fostering inclusion in an age of exclusion

Fostering inclusion in an age of exclusion

On Sunday 30th June 2019, I had the privilege and honour to participate as a keynote speaker at the INCLEADERS FORUM 2019. For me this was a unique opportunity to share my wisdom and authentic experience in all vulnerability, so others can be inspired to navigate...

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Diversifying the #STEMWORKFORCE requires also focusing on previous generations and not only #digitalnatives and the #cloudgeneration 👇👇

Fear arises when your knowledge is limited. Expand your knowledge, enlighten yourself and go after your dreams. #fear #dreams #growth

Thank you @larouz and the whole team at @diwanawardsnl for an evening of inspiration, hope and inclusion. No words will break what was felt through the heart tonight 🙏🏽#DiversityandInclusion

We all are human beings with #humanrights

Protesters in Middle East are calling on the #EU to help stop the killing and promote dialogue. However, we remain bystanders. Last night in parliament, I called for action!

#Save_the_Iraqi_people #IraqiProtests #IranProtests

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