Personal Leadership

Discover your unique leadership qualities and become the CEO of your own life. 

Feelings of anxiety, stress and depression can be overwhelming when trying to balance your life. Competing demands, continuous pressure and never ending deadlines. Prioritizing and boundaries setting seem like mission impossible.

There is so much uncertainty and so much unknown which you don’t control. The only thing you control is how you think and behave when feelings of sadness, guilt, exhaustion, depletion, anger, fear, anxiety and stress are triggered.

Discovering your unique leadership style so that you can get back into the driver seat and become the CEO of your life is what Personal Leadership is all about.

I leverage the science of emotional intelligence and character strengths to help develop a new social toolbox fit for the digitized world we now live and work in

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that influence how we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use dynamic information in an effective and meaningful way.

Character strengths enable you to connect with what you are doing and with whom you are doing it. Even if talent allows you to do things well, your work combines with your core character strengths; you can feel your work matters.

Are you ready to become the CEO of your life?


Step One focuses on identifying the areas that are important for you in your life wheel.

Step Two focuses on leveraging your character strengths to ignite what’s strong in you, not what’s wrong in you.

Step Three helps you identify your core values so you can navigate life aligned with your core essence.

Step Four helps you leverage what you discovered in the previous step and integrate it into an action plan that is personalised for you.

Step Five brings everything together through visualization techniques.

Are you ready to start leading from within and take action towards your desired outcome in life?

Throughout my 6-month journey with Nadja, I have learnt a huge amount: what my inner strengths are, how to feel empowered and how to change my perspective on life and its little hiccups! Nadja has huge potential and an inner gift to sense and understand people’s emotions and strengths. I cannot recommend her enough”



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